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Choose Your Path to Wellness

Explore Tailored Packages for Your Health Journey

  • Recipe Monthly Subscription

    Every month
    Starters, Main, Deserts and Smoothies. 15 High Protein Pack & 15 Plant Based Pack
    • Two digital recipe eBooks (15 recipes each) (monthly)
  • Most Popular

    FULL ACCESS Membership Plan

    Every year
    Unlock our Complete Wellness Package
    • Monthly Recipe Packs: Varied & Flavourful
    • 10-Week Training Program: Tailored Fitness Regimen
    • 8-Week Nutritional Programme: Holistic Dietary Guidance
    • Individual Targets: Customised Progress Goals
    • Exclusive Facebook Group: Nutritional Education Hub
    • Weekly Check-Ins: Personalised Accountability
    • Community Access: Engaging & Supportive
    • Diverse Recipe Books: Culinary Inspiration
  • 50 High-Protein Recipes (FREE)

    Start with 50 High-Protein Recipes
    Valid for one month
    • High-protein recipe book (50 recipes)
  • 10-Week Tailored Workout Plan

    Personalised gym workout plan. Ideal for gym-goers seeking structure. Tailored to you for results.
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • Tailored 10-week workout plan
    • *Weekly Check In
    • Dedicated app with video instructions
    • Bespoke Evaluation/Goals
    • *Monitored Progress & Feedback
    • *optional depending on goal
    • Video Demonstrated Exercise Workouts (Bespoke & Amendable)
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